Friday, September 24

Digital Marketing Agency Is Saving Carpet Cleaners From Going Bust During a Pandemic

Ads Grow Business – Carpet Cleaning Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in London, UK, has revealed that they are literally saving carpet cleaning businesses from going bankrupt during the Covid-19 pandemic with their specialist digital marketing program. The digital marketing agency specializes in helping people who are in the carpet cleaning business. John Williams, the owner of Ads Grow Business, points out that what they do is generate bookings for carpet cleaners on autopilot. That their service really works is proven by the highly positive testimonials the digital marketing agency has been getting. For instance, one client observed that the program was working a little too good, such that they had to hire someone to manage the bookings.

Meanwhile, another client, Matthew Dockter had this to say,

“John, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what your secret sauce is, but my business went from a few jobs a week due to COVID-19, to being like it’s the middle of the busy season and COVID doesn’t exist! It’s crazy how busy we are. Almost all of the jobs on the schedule are from you! You may have saved my business or at the very least saved us a ton of heartache trying to weather the storm. Thank you!”

It should be noted that more customer testimonials may be found on the Ads Grow Business Facebook page.

John Williams himself says,

“I absolutely love receiving messages from our carpet cleaning clients. Being able to guarantee booked jobs within hours of turning on our ad campaigns for them has resulted in families and business’s literally being saved during a pandemic.”

He continues,

“This is why we get out of bed every morning! If you are reading this and you want more jobs, and you want to grow & scale your carpet cleaning business, send us a message today!”

The first thing that carpet cleaning business owners need to do is book a strategy call with Ads Grow Business. It is during this strategy call that the digital marketing agency will learn as much as possible about the details of the business of a particular client. They will then discuss the various ways they may be able to help the business get more exposure, grow their client base, and generate more revenue.

When a carpet cleaning business owner hires them, they will conduct some research and pursue a laser focused advertising campaign for the business that has been tested at every level to guarantee its success. Every week thereafter, they will provide the client with in-depth insights, reporting, and analytics of how the advertising campaign is performing. Each month, they will consult with the client to come up with a marketing strategy designed to provide continued customer and revenue growth.

John Williams explains that their strategy is to deliver the business directly to the people who are looking for carpet cleaning services without them needing to go online and conduct a search. They are able to do that by using social media, especially Facebook, to launch advertising campaigns that are specifically targeted to the business’ ideal customer.

The team members at Ads Grow Business are experts in paid advertising campaigns using leading digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many tools that are related to those platforms, such as bots and messenger. They perform an in-depth research of the target audience of a particular business to make sure that the advertising campaigns will reach the people who will really want to hire the carpet cleaning business.

They will then conduct an online customer research survey that will allow them to tailor the advertising campaigns to the customers’ needs and wants. Next, they will create email marketing campaigns in conjunction with the social media advertising. And an automated SMS follow up system ensures that customers will become repeat customers.

Carpet cleaning business owners who want to learn more about the digital marketing services provided by Ads Grow Business may want to check out their website at, Interested business owners can find a scheduling tab and book a complimentary strategy session via the company website.