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Fort Myers Carpet Cleaners Services Reviewed Glowingly an Impressive Number of Times

Mac Daddy Carpet and Tile Cleaning is a family-owned business that’s motto is ‘You haven’t seen clean, until its Mac Daddy Clean!” The steady string of 5-star reviews that this Fort Myers, FL carpet tile and grout cleaning company receives, strongly suggests that their customers feel the same way. Many of these reviews mention not only the quality of the work but the high level of customer service that was shown by the company while doing it. Two recent reviews, in particular, stood out because of how complementary they were about the exceptional service that they received from this reputable family-owned business.

The first reviewer, Tara Jenner, wrote, “Fantastic results! Very friendly and professional. Called to let me know they were on the way. Came well within the time frame stated. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future. The price was extremely reasonable too.” In the other above-mentioned review, Karen Landy stated, “Wow, just wow! Alex and Lilly did a truly amazing job cleaning my carpets. When they say you haven’t seen clean until it’s MacDaddy Clean-it is the truth! I had some very challenging spots and they made them disappear. Very kind and professional. 5-star recommendation.” These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where they are the rare business that maintains a 5 out of 5-star average when over 100 reviews have been written about their services.

Alex Hahn, the company’s co-owner, responded, “We are very grateful to any customer that takes time out of their busy day to acknowledge the effort that we took to satisfy their carpet or tile & grout cleaning needs. It’s a huge source of pride for us too. It’s our mission to provide each of our valued customers with an exceptional cleaning experience and we will continue to invest in the equipment, training, and cleaning products that make that happen every time.” The co-owner of this family-owned and operated business went on to state that what they do is a ‘labor of love’ that he, his sister, and both parents operate. Even several of the younger members of the family participate in the business. He says that extra family participation came in handy back in 2018 when they opened a second at their Fort Myers location due to popular demand. The personal pride that drives the family members to do quality work has kept the business growing to the point where soon a third location may become necessary.

The company owner says that not only is the family pride and worth ethic a driving force in the business, but there is a lot of competition when someone is a Fort Myers carpet cleaning professional. That makes them realize that they have to continue to do the type of work that brings them a steady stream of 5-star reviews. He added that they have perfected what it takes to get any carpet beautiful, clean, dry, fresh, and allergen-free. They accomplish this by using a carpet technique called deep extraction carpet steam cleaning.

The company owner says that the carpet cleaning process starts with a thorough vacuuming followed by pretreating any stains. That sets the stage for their advanced carpet cleaning process to work its magic. He stated that they even make another pass after the embedded dirt in the carpet has been extracted to speed up the carpet drying time. This company is so confident in their ability to clean carpets, that they are not afraid to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on this service.

carpet cleaning fort myers service guarantee certificate

Hahn also mentioned that their tile and grout cleaning services are getting extremely popular too. That’s understandable he says because that’s a tedious job that very few people have the time, patience, and equipment to do. They are always happy to do this service for anyone that requests it to be done.

Those in the Fort Myers, Florida area that would like more information on the carpet, tile, and grout cleaning services that Mac Daddy offers can refer to their website and also their Facebook Page at

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